Creating and scheduling hero slides to run on the homepage of MSN was time consuming and cumbersome.

Some of the problems facing the users included:

  • Existing workflow involved complex repetitive forms.
  • Managing multiple duplicate pieces of content.
  • Lots of copying and pasting between multiple open browser tabs.
  • The overall experience was disconnected with the final display making the identification individual slides difficult.
  • Copy fitting often required a lot of trial and error.

After talking to users, I also found

  • Two different roles — editors and producers — had different goals and used the tool in different ways.
  • Editors were concerned with the content of slides. The headline and image.
  • Producers were concerned with assembling slides into collections and scheduling those collections to be published onto the homepage.

Design solution highlights

  • Separated the creation workflow to focus on assembly/scheduling workflow.
  • “Create once, use multiple times” paradigm reduces multiple copies of identical content.
  • Visual representations of slides to make identifying individual slides easier.


“I love this. It makes scheduling slides so much easier.”

— David, MSN Producer

“This better reflects how I work on a day to day basis.

— Chris, MSN Producer

My role:

  • User research
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • MSN slide organization screenshot
    Slide organization and scheduling screen
  • MSN slide organization wireframe
    Slide organization wireframe