T-Mobile Digits aims to tackle the problem of one phone number being tied to a single device. Digits allows a user to have multiple phone numbers on a single device and have those numbers available across multiple devices. The user can make calls and send text messages from multiple lines on one device removing the need to carry two phones for personal and work use, for example. Once logged in on a device, all of the users contacts messages and call history for all of their numbers are available.

My role:

  • User flows
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • T-Mobile Digits iPhone widget
    iPhone widget
  • T-Mobile Digits settings screen
    Settings screen to turn lines on and off
  • T-Mobile Digits phone messaging screen
    Phone messaging screen
  • T-Mobile Digits messages
    Tablet messaging screen
  • T-Mobile Digits message archive flow
    Flows and screens for archiving message threads
  • T-Mobile Digits audio message flow
    Flows and screens for recording audio message